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That moment when you realize you actually have no one.

How anxiety works:

Person:  you're loud
Anxiety:  you're annoying, a worthless piece of shit to the human race.
Person:  you're quiet
Anxiety:  speak the fuck up you shy ass little whore.
Person:  you failed the math test? Bummer.
Anxiety:  you dumbass,you'll never get anywhere in life. Kill yourself.
"Tell me all the secrets
that you have always
felt the need to keep
to yourself. Wrap your
words around the lines
of my palms; I promise
to always keep them
safe. If you let me,
I swear to love every
side of you that remains
-Mariah Gordon-Dyke (via larmoyante)


you know since “fuck” and other swears have become such a regular part of my vocabulary they’ve begun to lose impact

so instead I’ve come to realize I’m using non swear words like “heck” for some sort of twisted ironic emphasis 

I have come full circle


arteries will always hold a special place in my heart